I, Robot Wiki

U.S Robotics ("USR" for short) is a megacorporation that serves as the world's leading robotics engineering and development industry, based in the United States.


USr HQ seen from the city skyline

Founded by Alfred Lanning, they are responsible for creating the NS-4 and NS-5 robots. The robots have also NS-5 model much more speed, strength, smarter, faster, and many more.


Equipment: The USR has many forms of transportation. They use huge, truck-like vehicles to transport thousand of robots. The trucks were used in the scene of the movie to release many robots to attack Spooner. The Trucks have also self driving capabilities and for more faster transportation reasons. Trucks can also drive sideways and reach speeds even for the own trucks weight, with also led headlights. 

Robots: The USR is responsible for creating Sonny and many other NS-5 robots. However, the robots turned against their creators, and soon invaded the USR's HQ. Luckily, Del was able to end the invasion. The NS-5’s robots are last seen being stored away in containers and cargos to unknown location. Under the broken bridge. 

The robots have advanced agility and improved strength. They also have a smart AI.