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Susan Calvin
Susan Calvin
Species Human
Origin I, Robot (1950)
Eye color Brown

Born: 2001 (age 34) Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m) Weight: 124 lbs (56 kg)

Relationships Alfred Lanning (mentor)
Lawrence Robertson (employer)
Sonny (friend)
Del Spooner (friend)
Actor Bridget Moynahan

Dr. Susan Calvin was USR chief robotpsychologist and a friend of Sonny and Del Spooner. Calvin did research on Sonny and seeing if robots do in fact have feelings. She was Dr. Alfred Lanning friend and protégé.



Susan Calving showed Del Spooner the security camera footage of a NS-5 robot killing Dr. Alfred Lanning she demanded Spooner believe that this was not a robot killing.

Later Spooner showed up at her house and then he lectured her that Lanning was just an old man and not a smart founder of USR. Leaving crying and feeling bad.

During the fight of Chicago she shoots several robots but NS-5‘s robots reared the platform she was in and almost fell to her death. Until Sonny Saved Calvin from falling to her death.

In the end Calving is shown in the USE tower being escorted out of the building and to safety. She was alive after this.


She appears to be tall and slim with and hourglass figure. Attractive body and a good looking taste in clothes. She appears to be smart enough to be able to be a USR employee.


In the Room where the incident happened with Dr. Lanning she was wearing a shiny silver suit which adds more attractive. In the final fight she was wearing a jacket with a green undershirt, boots and shiny pants.