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The Audi RSQ is a mid engined supercar developed by Audi for use as a product placement in the 2004 movie. It is meant to depict a technologically advanced automobile in the Chicago cityscape from the year 2035.

This car is a visionary interpretation of Audi's typical auto design. An important challenge presented to the designers was that despite its extreme character, the car still had to be recognised by the audience as an Audi. To accommodate this demand, the engineers implemented a current Audi front-end design which includes the trapezoidal "Audi Single-Frame Grill," the company's trademark overlapping four rings, and the Multi Media Interface (MMI) driver-to-car control system.

The car uses spheres instead of conventional wheels. Its two reverse butterfly doors are hinged to the C-posts of the body.


  • The car was maunfactured by Audi, a company still existing in the time where Irobot takes place
  • This car is one off and only used for filming the movie.